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How do we start
conversations with clients?

Talking about innovation?

The starting point is usually the need for some kind of change: the need to create new products or services. Conversations may also be about the need for a new business model, how to better align employees with business strategy or the best ways to create closer client relationships.

Then, together, we look for ways to turn these changes into great opportunities.

And the name we give it is


in other words

Creativity with a purpose


About Us

We work by analyzing the problem and the environment. Our aim is to involve all of the stakeholders (company, customers, employees, etc.). Our role is to observe the behavior of the market and major trends, to unleash the creativity of all participants, sparking breakthrough ideas and then testing them until we reach optimum solutions.


Project “Imagine the train of the future”

Consumer Research and co-creation of new kitchen appliances

Visual Communication for Activía

New product creation

Graphic Recording and facilitation during presentation of their Strategic Plan Process of creation of naming and tagline

Transforming the communication of the strategic plan to ensure fulfilment of its objectives

Redefining the Training Division Team building

Visual Thinking & Creativity sessions

Creation of an innovation culture program Innovation in sales

Creativity sessions Innovation Strategy

Visual communication

Transforming the communication of the strategic plan to ensure fulfilment of its objectives

Innovation and Internationalization Managing a multigenerational workforce

Innovation process of sales teams Facilitation of new role of business partner

Visual Thinking workshops Employee Journey (Mkt. Dept.)

Innovation in Infrastructure management

Graphic Recording

Inpulse the knowledge exchange

Innovating with patients

Visual thinking for presentations by the legal Department

Employee Journey

Graphic Recording of their annual business convention

Conceptualize and draw the innovation process

Innovating with patients

How we do it


Our methodology is Design Thinking, an innovative way to solve problems in order to promote creativity and co-creation:

include all the “actors” in finding the key to the opportunity.

Design thinking

  • Design Thinking allows us to solve internal challenges:

    • Knowledge transfer
    • Managing multi-generation environments
    • Company wellness programs
  • Or external:
    • New lines of business (products / services / business models)
    • Customer Relationship
    • Boost sales

Visual Thinking


We use visual tools, especially drawing. It is a universal language, concise and easy to remember.

Drawing allows us to link concepts and ideas, to conceptualize new business projects and value propositions. Drawing helps us to identify problems and work our way through them.

The process is called Visual Thinking: to think and communicate visually through images and drawings.

Graphic Recording


During exploration sessions, we collect ideas and real-time presentations through sketches and drawings to produce a graphical summary on a poster.

It is a technique called Graphic Recording.

These posters provide better understanding, better retention and goal alignment between participants.

Hand-drawn videos


We make hand-drawn videos from those drawings. The graphic flow allows a new approach to storytelling. And we all know that storytelling is the best way to keep the attention of an audience, especially at sales meetings or project presentations.



In Connecting Brains we are a diverse, multidisciplinary group with expertise in product design, business development, engineering, communication, development of creative abilities and innovation culture.

For each project we put a team together made up of the people best suited to the objectives in hand.


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